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This stunning 10,000 square foot residence is a modern work of art, designed to be as functional as it is breathtakingly elegant. Situated on a previously empty lot in an exclusive community, the house is set against the backdrop of a beautiful country club. The exterior design is a perfect blend of modern style and timeless sophistication, with clean lines and geometric shapes. The interior is bright and spacious, with plenty of natural light and an open floor concept. The home's amenities include a private movie theater in the basement, a gym, and a spacious kitchen that comes complete with a private butler’s pantry. The kitchen boasts top-of-the-line appliances and finishes, and opens up to a spacious dining area and living space. The home is decorated in a neutral palette with pops of color, and the furniture is both chic and comfortable. Extensive millwork throughout the home adds a touch of luxury and uniqueness.

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