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CGA Companies was founded in 1984 by John Calabrese as an Architectural Firm. Over time, the company evolved into a full-service provider of Design, Build, and finishing services in response to client demand. In 1995, Keith Good joined the company and helped to further expand its capabilities. Today, CGA Companies is a leading provider of turnkey solutions for a variety of projects. As a result of its experience and expertise, CGA Companies is able to offer its clients a comprehensive range of services that can help them bring their design vision to life.

At CGA Companies, we pride ourselves on maintaining the quality and aesthetics of your initial concept throughout the entire project. Our unique approach involves placing our Architects in Construction Management roles, allowing them to gain a comprehensive understanding of the building process. This helps us develop seamless designs that utilize optimal building strategies to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget.

CGA's experienced Architects, Builders, and Designers are ready to assist you through your next project. We are committed to delivering the highest quality of services to our clients, and we're confident that we can help you create a space that will exceed your expectations.



Founding Member and CEO of the Firm, John Calabrese’s four plus decades of professional practice and experience has been the primary influence in structuring the Firm since its inception in 1984.  John’s vision for creating a Firm that provides all aspects of Design and Construction is what has enabled the Firm to meet the needs of our Clients. His knowledge and command of every aspect of the  Design/Build process has been the driving force behind the Firm’s ability to deliver an exceptional product to its clients.


John holds Architectural Licenses in numerous states and multiple professional memberships in Architectural and Design organizations such as NCARB member, Past President of the Pennsylvania Chapter of the AIA, and NCIDQ member.



As President and an Owner of the Firm, Keith’s expertise in Architectural Programming, Design, and Construction is the result of more than three decades of professional practice.  He directs the overall operation of the Architects, Construction Management, and Construction divisions of CGA Companies with the focus on serving Client’s needs and goals to a successful project.   Keith’s extensive portfolio covers a broad range of building types and market sectors.  His design experience, versatility, and creativity along with his close collaboration with Clients have produced impeccable designs while ensuring the utmost in Client satisfaction.  Keith is a strong believer that the Design process begins with an understanding of the Client’s functional, budgetary, and scheduling requirements of a project.


Keith has 30 years of experience in the industry.  He completed the Lancaster County Planning Commission Master Planner Program and is an elected member of the Manheim Township UCC Board of Appeals.

Michele K. Solt, AIA

Michele Solt is the Vice President and an Owner of the Firm possessing a broad range of Architectural and Interior Design experience.   Her areas of expertise are in the commercial and hospitality sectors with many successful projects in her portfolio.  Michele’s dedication, creativity and commitment to the Client ensures that each design decision is tailored to their unique vision and aspiration.  Michele’s experience includes project management which led her to further elevate her role in leadership and guiding projects towards excellence.  From conception to completion, Michele’s attention to detail and meticulous planning aid in ensuring that every aspect of a project is carried out seamlessly.


Michele has been with CGA Architects, Inc. for more than 20 years and is a member of the Lancaster Chamber as well as a mentor for Discovering Paths, a mentor program to guide high school Juniors in potential career paths.  Michele holds Architectural licenses in several states.


Wesley Morgan

Wesley Morgan is the Director of Construction Management and is instrumental in meeting project Budgets and Timelines.  Wesley oversees the daily progress of the Firm’s construction projects.  With his Architectural background, Wesley helps to ensure the integrity of the Architectural Design and is adept at troubleshooting and providing creative solutions for construction projects.  


Wesley is a valued asset in facilitating the Firm’s Construction Management turn-key delivery of projects for over a decade.  His focus on achieving the Client’s goals in quality, budget, and schedule is second to none.



Image by Sven Mieke

John J. Calabrese established Calabrese Associates Architects, Inc. as a single service architectural firm.

Image by Evgeniy Surzhan

At the request of The Department of Defense, Calabrese Associates Architects, Inc. expanded its service to include Construction Management by procuring contracts and overseeing construction of their multi-million-dollar training facility.

Image by Jean-Philippe Delberghe

Design Interiors was founded to service the interior design and furnishing needs of our clients.

Laptop and Paperwork

Calabrese Associates Architects, Inc. changes its name to Calabrese Architects, Inc., a Pennsylvania corporation with professional license in over 28 states.


Keith D. Good joined the firm as a Senior Designer. As its Construction Management services rapidly expanded, Keith became instrumental in overseeing the direction and growth of our CM services.


Keith D. Good became Partner and President of Calabrese Architects, Inc. and the name was changed to Calabrese Good Architects, Inc.


Michele K. Solt joined the Firm as a Senior Designer.

Image by Evgeniy Surzhan

Wesley Morgan joined Calabrese Good Architects, Inc. as a Project Manager.


Michele K. Solt became Partner in Calabrese Good Architects, Inc. Michele’s position was Vice President, overseeing Construction Management services.

Fashion retailer

Calabrese Good Architects, Inc. opened an office in Naples, FL specializing in code compliance and retail design.

CGA Architects(high res).jpg

Calabrese Good Architects, Inc. changed its name to CGA Architects, Inc.


Design Interiors merged with Calabrese Good Architects, Inc. to become known as D.I. Contract Furnishings.

Image by Mark Potterton

CGA Architects, Inc. expanded its services to include General Construction, establishing CGA Construction, LLC.

Steel Scaffolding

Wesley Morgan became a partner in CGA Construction, LLC.

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