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CGA's team combined a new addition and a historic building, and blended them seamlessly. The addition not only added a new function to the existing structure, but also preserved the building's historical significance. The project's award-winning design showcases how to effectively blend modern technology and design aesthetics with historic architecture. By creating a space that complements the existing structure, CGA was able to achieve a seamless match that did not detract from the building's original charm. The award is a testament to CGA's professionalism and attention to detail in their work.

The C. Emlen Urban Award is a prestigious honor that recognizes outstanding contributions to community revitalization. CGA's project was able to breathe new life into a historic building and enhance the community's cultural identity. The cafe addition is now a popular gathering spot for residents and visitors alike, providing a space for people to enjoy good food and company in a beautiful, historic setting.

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