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To complete the Cocalico Creek project, our architects had to overcome several design challenges. The old Mattress Warehouse had to be transformed into a space that was not only functional, but also visually appealing to customers. The team had to work with the existing building’s footprint and incorporate the current structure into the new design.

To create a contemporary feel, the team used a combination of modern finishes and traditional materials. The use of natural wood, black framed windows, and concrete flooring added warmth and texture to the space, while the sleek, metal accents and clean lines gave it a modern edge. The result is a visually stunning space that perfectly showcases the modern farmhouse-style decorations now sold within it.

Customers who visit the home decor store will be delighted by the carefully curated selection of furniture, lighting, and accessories. The open layout of the space allows for easy navigation and encourages customers to explore the different sections of the store. The combination of contemporary design and rustic charm is sure to make this store a popular destination for home decor enthusiasts.

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